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The Application Process

Applications remain open for September 2020. Our application form is online, taking approximately 5 - 10 minutes to complete.
If you have any questions or need support with the online application at any time, please email

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The Application Process

To begin a course with us in September you will need to first complete an online application. After entering your basic details to set up an account you will need to verify your email address before logging back in to continue and complete your application form.

Please note that as a Sixth Form College we can only accept applications from individuals aged 18 or under on 31st August 2020,

Predicted Grades/ Mock Results
If you have your Predicted or Mock grades available enter them in the relevant section of the application form. If you have already received your final GCSE results enter them in the final grade box, otherwise this box can be left blank.

If you have not yet received predicted or mock results you can leave this section blank, but make sure to bring your grades to the interview or send them to us as soon as you have received them.

We must receive a reference from your school or college before we can make you an offer of a place. The reference gives us an idea of what you are like at school, as well as some additional information including attendance, additional learning support and recommended course level.

We recommend that your reference is completed by your head of year or tutor. Enter their name on the form and if you know their direct email address put it down, otherwise enter the general school email address.  We will then contact them directly by email to request a reference, but it is also good to let them know that you would like them to complete it for you.

We can only offer a place to students for whom we have received a satisfactory reference. Any reference deemed unsatisfactory is reviewed by a member of our senior team, who makes a final decision as to whether we can offer the applicant a place or not. If you have moved schools in the last couple of years we may need a reference from all previous schools/colleges. We ask schools to let us know if there are any changes to their report after they have submitted the reference.


Once an application is submitted we aim to contact you within three weeks with details of your interview appointment. This may take a little longer during school breaks or the GCSE exam period. The interviews are not course-specific; they are for a place at the college rather than a place on a particular course. You must attend an interview to be offered a place. Interviews take place at the college in Balham, last approximately15 minutes and are usually with an SFX teacher. You will be asked what you would like to study and why, about any hobbies, extra-curricular activities or work experience you are/ have been involved in, and why you would like to study at Saint Francis Xavier Sixth Form College.  Applicants should make every effort to attend their interview appointment, and contact the college ahead of the appointment if they have a genuine reason that prevents them from being able to attend. If an applicant does not turn up for their interview they risk their application being unsuccessful.

If the interview goes well and we have a satisfactory reference we may be able to give you an offer of a place there and then.  If we have not received your reference we will continue to contact your school to request one, and contact you with the outcome once it has been received.

Conditional Offer
To receive a conditional offer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete an application in full
  • Attend a successful interview
  • We must receive a satisfactory school reference, which will need to be maintained for the duration of the year

The offer is for a place at the Sixth Form College and is not course-specific; your courses will be confirmed at enrolment once you have received your GCSE results.  To take up your place in September you must meet the conditions of the offer. The conditions of the offer are:

  • Maintaining a satisfactory school reference
  • Meeting the GCSE entry requirements for your chosen course. If you do not meet the entry requirements we will do our best to find a suitable alternate course for you.

Enrolment is when students officially sign up to their courses and finalise their place at SFX. Enrolment for the new September 2020 starters will take place towards the end of August. All offer holders will be given a specific enrolment appointment to attend during the enrolment week.

Students will need to bring the following with them:

  • GCSE results
  • Enrolment appointment letter
  • Passport/ residence documents
  • A £50 ICT provision fee

You do not need to make a final decision about the course you would like to study until enrolment.

Please note we can only issue refunds of the ICT fee up until 10th September 2020 for non-beginners.


Admissions Policy: Download a copy of our current Admissions Policy here

Privacy notice for students: view here or download here or request a copy from