Equality & Diversity

Our Christian mission demands that we recognise the dignity and equality of every individual. SFX actively promotes inclusion and embraces all the legal and moral requirements of our Equality Duty.
We are proud of our diversity and support one another in resisting and challenging prejudice and discrimination. The College has worked closely with the National Centre for Diversity to achieve the ‘Investors in Diversity’ Award. As such, there is an Equality and Diversity group comprising staff and students promoting the aims and objectives inherent in our mission. Each of our subject areas is required to identify how they contribute to our equality and diversity objectives in their lessons, and every opportunity is taken to ensure that equality and diversity themes are included in our comprehensive tutorial programme and faculty gatherings.

Equality & Diversity Statement
The ethos of this College is based firmly on Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, and we constantly strive to create a positive experience of a Christian Community.  We accept the fundamental human dignity and equality of each individual and we aim to encourage understanding, tolerance, self-respect and respect for others throughout our community.

Any demonstrations of verbal, written or behavioural abuse towards an individual or group based on the following characteristics are totally unacceptable - race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender reassignment, religion and belief, civil partnership and marriage, pregnancy and maternity.

We intend to work together as a community to become more aware of any attitudes reflecting prejudice or inequality which may exist within the College. Our policy is to develop a commitment by all staff and students to support one another in challenging prejudice and discrimination wherever it occurs. We intend to educate ourselves to respect and value diversity and to identify and challenge stereotypes which deny equal opportunity.

We aim through all that we do to:
  • Provide opportunities for all members of the college community to achieve their potential.
  • Help one another to become confident and secure in a rapidly changing world and to achieve a positive sense of our own worth.
  • Advance and develop positive attitudes towards the diverse and multi-ethnic society in which we live.
  • Foster within our community the desire to bring the Christian values of love and justice to bear on all aspects of our work and relationships.