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Preparing for Sixth Form

We are really looking forward to having you join us in September. Our teachers have put together some tasks and reading material to help you to prepare for your new course.

Use the menu to the left (or scroll down if using a mobile device to view the menu) and select a subject to see a message from the head of department and view the work set. This work is not compulsary; do what you can but do not worry if you do not have the resources at home to complete the work. If the download links do not work please try a different web browser.
What to expect as a St. Francis Xavier Sixth Form College student

If you missed our "Meet the Students" special virtual open event you can catch up on the student Q&A below, during which current students from across subject areas answer questions submitted by students joining us in September!

Your course choice will be finalised at enrolment and you can change your mind about the subjects/course you have applied for at that stage, which will be after you receive your final GCSE results in August. If you are still unsure about which subjects you want to study next year you can contact our careers department for advice: email

View the entry requirements for all of our subjects here. Grades close to the entry requirement will be considered. If you do not meet the entry requirements for you chosen course(s) we will do our best to find an alternate course for you.

In-person enrolment is taking place from Monday 23rd August - Thursday 26th August. Prior to the in-person enrolment we will schedule a phone call with you to take place after GCSE results day to confirm your courses. If you have been accepted we will be in touch with further details on your specific enrolment appointment and more information about what to bring with you nearer the time.

If you have any questions email