Student Council

The President and Vice President of the Student Council are elected by the students to represent their needs and interests and to contribute to the decision-making and governance of the College. Members of the Student Council serve on the governing
body. The students are expected to initiate and take responsibility for many of their own activities – for example, the social programme and their contribution to the wider community through collections for charity or other awareness raising events.

Message from the Student President and Vice Student President

We would like firstly to offer a warm welcome to all readers of this year’s prospectus. St Francis Xavier 6th Form College fosters the principles of: service, charity & our Catholic values. The unique learning environment enables students to develop a mature approach to education with the key focus being “each student matters”. The teaching and support staff at SFX offer lots of encouragement and support through giving their time and
attention, and inspiring students to use their academic drive to do well. As second year students, our experiences so far have been extremely positive. Specifically we have found the teaching staff to go beyond the norm. Without their support we would not be where we are now. We also really appreciate the diverse student body and the sense of community.

It’s great that you are considering a place at the College next year, I would personally like to wish you the best of luck. Throughout your year 11 and as you prepare for your GSCEs you will understand first-hand the importance of preparation, dedication and hard work. We urge you to aim high and grasp every opportunity that comes your way!

Again good luck and hope to see you in September.

Kevin & Emmanuel

Student President & Vice Student President