International Students

At SFX we pride ourselves on the inclusive nature of the College and value the diverse backgrounds of our students. Your student journey will be enhanced by the numerous enrichment opportunities on offer and a network of friends will help you develop academically, socially and culturally. At SFX we value the development of all aspects of the student experience and you will enjoy a cross-cultural learning environment that will help you achieve the best academically providing a strong foundation for the years ahead, either in university or the world of work.

How to Apply

International students must apply using the online application form. When entering your qualifications please select the most similar options at GCSE and, if invited to an interview, bring along details of the course(s) you are taking and your predicted grades. Details of how to apply are here.

Attending an Interview

In order to receive an offer and secure your place at SFX you will need to attend an interview. Once your application is submitted and received you will be contacted with your interview appointment. If you are abroad at the time of submitting your application and interview appointment, please contact as soon as possible to inform the college of when you will be in the country and available for an interview. In some circumstances allowances can be made to arrange an interview late in the year, but we cannot reserve a place on a course for any applicant.


Enrolment takes place during the last week of August. You will be given a specific enrolment appointment, which you will need to attend in person to finalise your course choices. International qualifications will need to be translated into the equivalent grades at GCSE. This can be done by acquiring a Statement of Comparability through click here to go to the direct Statement of Comparability page. We will not be able to enrol you unless we have this official translation of your grades.


There are no tuition fees chargeable to full-time students from within the European Union for those under 19 years of age on 1st September 2018. However, there is a payment of £50 from each new student, collected on enrolment, which supports the provision of enhanced ICT facilities.


If you are not a British citizen, a citizen of the European Union (EU) or a citizen of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) you will need to prove your residency status and entitlement to free 16-19 education. This means that during enrolment we must see the original of your passport and immigration status documents from the Home Office.


If English is an additional language you may receive tailored support in one or more of the following ways; individual, small group or in-class. You may also have the opportunity to sit the Cambridge PET or IELTS examinations, an additional qualification in English. You will need to have a certain level of English in order to be able to understand and participate during lessons. For further information please email