Careers Guidance

At SFX, the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Programme is central to each student’s programme of study and progression throughout their college education. The CEIAG Programme is integrated into the Tutorial Programme for our students and is designed to match students’ academic progression and enhance their career plans for the future.

Ofsted 2018:
“Students benefit from very good and effective careers advice and guidance. They are knowledgeable on what they need to do to progress, and the majority of students go on to higher education, further education, apprenticeships or employment”
“Students receive very good careers guidance which informs them of the potential career opportunities and further and higher education routes available to them”

The CEIAG Programme activities include:

• Structured careers lessons for all students
• Booked individual careers interviews (also open to parents)
• In-house and externally organised events
• Careers workshops
• Job search and interview skills training.

Students are encouraged to participate in university course taster sessions, summer schools and to go on university visits. The Careers Department builds partnerships with employers, training companies and universities to increase progression opportunities for our students.

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