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Careers Guidance

Careers Guidance and the development of employability skills is actively and thoughtfully embedded into every student's learning experience. We want our students to graduate having not only achieved the best grades they can, but ready to take their next step in education or work with the skills necessary to be successful in the and with the information & knowledge they need to persue a career in their chosen field.  The success of the careers programme is evident in our commendable university progression rates.

Careers Advice
Our team of fully qualified Careers Advisors offer a client-centred service to students. We support careers education and progression advice through tutorials and 1-2-1 drop-in meetings. We offer confidential, impartial and accessible information, advice and guidance to help students decide their next steps.

Labour Market Intelligence
We use Labour Market Information (LMI) to help students research potential careers. LMI tells you about current and forecast job opportunities in different sectors. For example, it can tell you what average salaries are for particular roles, whether industries are predicted to expand or contract, and about technological or training changes. It is very helpful in planning your career, and therefore in helping you decide what course to choose.

Careers and Education Guidance Programme
The Careers and Education Guidance Programme (CEIAG) is delivered during students' weekly tutorials and has been designed to enhance and expand learners' access to positive progression opportunities including education, employment and apprenticeships or training. In addition to the careers tutorials, students:

  • are invited to attend a one to one careers dicussion, with the option to book further one to one discussions should they need to
  • are given one to one assistance with C.V. writing and development 
  • are given one to one support with the preparation, writing and development of UCAS personal statements and their UCAS application
  • have access to NCS representatives and are encouraged to sign up for the ‘Challenge’ experience
  • are informed of the latest placement, work experience, apprenticeship and job opportunities through the Student Bulletin.
  • are invited to attend the annual Higher Education and Employment Fair which takes place on site in March, with over 50 university or training institutions typically in attendance
  • are strongly encouraged to take part in the annual University Degree and Apprenticeship workshop day, which takes place in June.
Parents & Guardians can also access our careers support; the Higher Education Information Parents' & Carers' Evening takes place every year and parents are welcome to make an appointment with a member of our Careers team if they would like some advice. 

Students who are considering applying to Oxford, Cambridge or a Russell Group University, or who are interested in a degree in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science will receive additional specialist support for with their applications. Find out more here.