SFX begins science research project with Birkbeck University of London

  • Published: 28th February 2018

Dr Sanjib Bhakta of Birkbeck College, University of London fascinated A level and BTEC Science Students on Friday 23rd February with a talk on Antibiotic Resistance and the dangers of Superbugs. The talk focused on Tuberculosis (TB) and the rise of this deadly infection in London.

Dr Sanjib then invited students to collaborate with him on a research project to investigate the repurposing of painkiller drugs as new antibiotics to treat resistant strains of the bacterium that causes TB, know to scientists as Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, with many students signing up to this exceptional opportunity. The research project – named “TB or NOT TB: thinking beyond the obvious” – will be taking place across the next few months.

Dr Sanjib at his first meeting with the students

Watch this space for news and findings from the research project!