Meet the new SFX Chaplain

  • Published: 12th March 2018

Meet Sarah Boylan, who recently joined SFX to take up the role of the sixth form Chaplain.

How did you become a Chaplain?

I’m an RE and Philosophy teacher and have always been interested in theology. My faith has always been a very important part of my life. I became involved with the Diocesan Youth Team and in discussion it became apparent that my abiding strength lay in education and meeting the needs of young people.

What is your role as the SFX Chaplain?

My role as the Chaplain involves holding a daily morning prayer for students and staff, teaching the General RE programme of study (NOCN), the organisation of the fundraising activities in the Chaplaincy student base, planning and preparing for the weekly Friday mass and future events and celebrations reflecting the Catholic Church year. I also arrange visits for our students from external speakers and I am available to provide spiritual support for both students and staff.

What do you enjoy about working with the students?

Prior to applying for the position I arranged to visit SFX and came away extremely impressed by absolutely everything I had seen.  Lively discussions in class are a joy and inspiration.  I find the students at SFX to be the politest I have ever encountered and it’s a privilege to teach and engage with them on so many levels.

What are your plans as Chaplain for the rest of this year?

I plan to further develop links with the College Parish Church. I will be raising the profile of the Chaplaincy and developing student involvement through Tutor Reps, both a Chaplaincy Committee and a Charity Committee, and by arranging retreats and pilgrimage trips for students and staff for example, Lourdes and a youth group trip to Taize.

How can students get involved in the Chaplaincy?

Students can be part of morning prayer worship by leading prayers, or can be involved in Mass through reading or serving. They can volunteer as members of the Chaplaincy Student Rep group, the Charities Group, or organise with the Chaplain a student choir or music group.

All students and staff are always welcome in the Chapel – the door is always open.