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SFX Students Complete .b Mindfulness Course

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This is the second year that the 10 week .b Mindfulness in Schools Course has been run at SFX. The course has been an extremely popular enrichment activity, reflecting that our students are prepared to be proactive about their mental wellbeing. The course teaches the students about the principles of Mindfulness, bringing attention and awareness to the present moment with curiosity and kindness, in order to avert the mind away from negative thinking patterns – ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. The students also learn a range of different meditations including body scans, eating meditations and moving meditations to deal with every day challenges and stressors. This week they were awarded certificates for completing the 10 week course.
SFX Students Complete .b Mindfulness Course


The .b course is based on the Oxford University MBCT course devised by Professor Mark Williams. It has a strong evidence base, based on gold standard research. The attached survey of our own students reveals that not only was the course universally enjoyable, all of the students reported that it helped them cope with difficult life situations.  Mindfulness is also promoted at the college through the VESPA Pastoral Programme and the Religion and Philosophy Course delivered to all students. Staff at the college have also participated in the after college Mindful Mondays sessions.