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Guidance for Contractors working at the College

All contractors and visitors are asked to monitor themselves for covid-19 symptoms before travelling to college. This measure is best practice. You can check any symptoms using the NHS 111 Online service here.

To support NHS Track and Trace and to help contain COVID-19 clusters or outbreaks, the College will assist by keeping a temporary record of visitors and contractors for 21 days, and assisting NHS Track and Trace with requests for that data if needed.
  • Contractors must maintain records of all contract personnel visiting and working in the College.
  • Ensure students and staff who may be present in the work area are notified of the time, location and nature of the work taking place by agreeing in advance with the Premises Manager
  • First Aid provision and procedures are established and College Security must be told when and where the contractors will be working.
  • Suitable welfare facilities are provided by the Premises Manager to enable enhanced hygiene practices.
  • Contractors must submit suitable and sufficient risk assessments and method statements for the Premises Manager to approve, These include controls for minimising the risk of transmitting or contracting viruses, e.g. physical distancing; provision, use and disposal of PPE to be treated as medical waste; avoiding face-to-face working; enhanced hygiene practices, avoiding as far as practicable the contamination of surfaces in communal areas, etc.
  • Please notify the Premises Manager of any contamination or if a contractor is feeling unwell and displaying symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Signs should be displayed advising staff and students that contractors are working in the area and are following Covid-19 risk management procedures.
  • Schedule contractors to avoid contact with other contract companies working in the same area.
  • After the work has been completed the area should be thoroughly cleaned by the contractor.
  • If the contractors are required to work in an area where someone with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 has been present, we will provide a deep clean before the contractors start work.
  • The Premises Manager is responsible for the ensuring contractors follow SFX College procedures.