1. A level Art & Design (Fine Art)


    Explore the world of art and design and experiment and learn through the creative visual process. We support learners to […]

  2. A level Art & Design (Graphic Communication)

    This exploratory and exciting course involves working with a broad range of media, including traditional techniques like printmaking and screen-printing, […]

  3. A level Biology

    Biology is the study of the natural world and will take you on a journey through life from the macroscopic […]

  4. A level Business

    In Unit 1 you will learn about dynamic markets, social media and online retailing, innovation and entrepreneurship. Unit 2 introduces […]

  5. A level Chemistry

    Chemistry is the fascinating study of chemical ideas which are all around us and shape our lives. From the atom […]

  6. A level Classical Civilisation

    Classical Civilisation complements English Literature, History, Politics, Performance Studies, Religion and Philosophy and Art. Through The World of the Hero, […]

  7. A level Computer Science

    To succeed in A level Computer Science, students have to learn a high level programming language. Training and support is […]

  8. A level Criminology


    How do we decide what behaviour is criminal? How do we explain why people commit crime?  What makes someone a […]

  9. A level Drama & Theatre


    A level Drama & Theatre will involve taking part in practical work to explore a range of different plays, demonstrating […]

  10. A level Economics

    Students on this course will examine how markets and businesses operate in the real world. They will explore how government […]