Success story - Maxim – from SFX to University of Edinburgh

  • Name: Maxim
  • Course: Sociology
  • Graduation year: 2016
  • University study: Ancient History & Classical Archaeology BSc (Hons)
  • Former school

    Graveney School

  • What courses did you study and your grades?

    Sociology (A*) Religious Studies (A*) Classical Civilisation (A)

  • What did you enjoy about your courses at SFX?

    I liked the independence that I had to study my own way as well as with the help of the teachers whenever I needed it!

  • Why did you choose SFX?

    I didn’t do very well at 6th form at my previous school so had to retake somewhere, and SFX seemed like the best place to do it.

  • What did you like about SFX?

    I really liked the organisation, and as I mentioned before, the freedom that I had to study in the ways that worked for me. It also had an excellent library and computer system which I regularly used.

  • Did you take part in any extracurricular activities at SFX?

    I took part in the Model UN, which culminated in a really fun visit to Birmingham to compete with other students. I won an achievement there for public speaking.

  • What are your plans for future career?

    Hoping to stay in academia, perhaps go on to be a teacher.

  • What is your advice to Year 11 students?

    Take at least one or two subjects that you genuinely enjoy, otherwise you may end up having a miserable time at sixth form.

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