Success story - Joao – from SFX to Accountant at KPMG

  • Name: Joao
  • Course: Portuguese
  • Graduation year: 2016
  • Former school: Platanos College
  • What courses did you study and your grades?

    Portuguese (A) Spanish (B) Economics (C) Mathematics (D)

  • Why did you choose SFX?

    It has a good reputation and pass rates for my courses.

  • What did you enjoy about your courses at SFX?

    The teachers at SFX made learning fun. All lessons were interactive and interesting. I especially appreciated the support all teachers gave me whilst at SFX.

  • Did you take part in any extracurricular activities at SFX?

    I was Student Vice President and a part of the Student Council committee, organising events and extracurricular activities.

  • How did SFX help you to get to your position at KPMG?

    Whilst at SFX I knew I didn’t want to go to university and knew that I wanted to go into the accountancy industry. The Careers Department at SFX let me know about the KPMG apprenticeship I applied and got in! My teachers had given me amazing references.

  • What is your advice to Year 11 students?

    Choose your A levels wisely don’t go by what your friends do! Friends come and go- your education follows you throughout your whole life! Think carefully!

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