Why choose a 6th form college?


Sixth form colleges can offer you a fresh start to continue your studies in a different environment where you can make new friends. At a sixth form college you can benefit from:

  • The wide range of courses available
  • The experience of making that step from one institution to another and developing confidence, independence and maturity; you will therefore be well equipped to make the change when going to university or into employment thorough support systems that are in place to monitor your performance
  • Tutorials which help students to reach their potential and help with preparation for UCAS applications and university¬†increased independence as you will be expected to manage your time, deadlines, study and workload which is very effective preparation for university and personal life
  • Being taught by teachers who are experts in the field of teaching 16-19 year olds as they only concentrate on that age group
  • Specialist programmes for students applying to Oxbridge or top universities
  • High success rates