The Chapel

5SFX has a beautiful chapel situated in Xavier Wing, which has been a place of prayer and worship for over 120 years. The chapel affords a rare opportunity for students and staff of any faith or none, to find some peace and space for reflection. The Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the chapel, which for Catholics, designates this a particularly sacred space. Voluntary Mass is held once a month and additional ecumenical services take place at key times in the academic and liturgical calendar.

The chapel is open every day for students and staff who want some time for silent prayer and reflection.

The Chaplaincy

roomThe Chaplaincy is open to students throughout the college day.  It is a space to relax and chill-out in, where you can talk to friends, play cards, board games and do work as well.  Everyone is welcome to use the chaplaincy and enjoy the atmosphere of welcome and calm it provides.  Students are asked to help keep the space clean, calm and stress-free!

Prayer Room

The College has a designated prayer room where prayer mats and beads are available for staff and students to use. Like the chapel, the SFX prayer room affords any member of the college community a quiet space in which to reflect and pray.