Exam Results 2017


  • Pass rate – 95%
  • 16 A levels with 100% pass rate
  • 1 in 3 grades at A*-B
  • 83% of Spanish students gained A*-B


  • 96% of students passed their course
  • 66% of students achieved either Distinction* (D*) or Distinction (D)
  • 87% of in Business achieved either D* (equivalent to A* at A level) or D (equivalent to A at A level)
  • 82% of Travel & Tourism achieved either D* or D
  • 44% of UAL Art & Design achieved a high grade of Distinction


Despite the changes to A levels this year – with many sitting new untested qualifications – SFX students maintained the A level pass rate from 2016 at 95%. This has given our students a great opportunity to secure first choice places at university, with 85% of our advanced finishers now heading off to university and almost one third of those places being at top universities. The pass rate for A level held up well at 95% with one in three students achieving A*-B and 16 of our A level subjects achieving a 100% pass rate. Language A level students did particularly well this year- 82% of Spanish students gained A*-B and 67% of Italian students achieved A*-B. 58% of our Art (Graphic Design) students achieved A*-B and 1 in every 2 English Language students achieved A*-B.

The overall pass rate for Level 3 Vocational subjects was over 96%, with 66% achieving a distinction or distinction star grade. Six of the Level 3 vocational subjects had a 100% pass rate. 88% of BTEC Level 3 Business achieved either Distinction or Distinction Star, 87% of BTEC Level 3 Applied Science achieved either Distinction or Distinction Star and 82% of BTEC Level 3 Travel & Tourism achieved either Distinction or Distinction Star.

Our applied, advanced outcomes are outstanding with 67% receiving the highest distinction and starred distinction awards (60% in 2016). One in four students now progress to university through an applied route and 4 out of 5 go on to receive a First or Second class degree.


Student A Level successes

Aluet and Awien

Twins Aluet and Awien


  • Courses and grades: Extended Project Qualification A*, History A, Politics A, Spanish A,
  • Going to: Oxford University to study Classics

“I felt amazing when I received my results today! The college really supported me while also giving me the independence I needed to succeed.”



  • Courses and grades: Extended Project Qualification A*, Chemistry B, Biology B, Maths B

Awien will be continuing on to university to follow her desired career path in chemistry research.

This college feels like such a close community. I am so thankful of the support from the teachers.”



Maria receiving her A Level results


  • Courses and grades: Media A*, Spanish A, Business B, EPQ A
  • Going to: University of Surrey to study Business Management BSc

“The teachers here really believe in you and encourage you throughout the whole year to do well, they really helped me to fulfil my potential- my grades are even higher than I expected!”




  • Courses and grades: Economics A*, Sociology A*, Maths A, EPQ A

Nancy is working at an accounting firm during her gap year and will be continuing on to university in 2018 in the hope of becoming a professional accountant.

“I am so happy with my results. I came to this college because of its reputation for good grades and I am so glad I did. The teachers were always ready to help and explain things when I needed it.”




  • Courses and grades: Biology (fast track) A, Mathematics A

“The love and support I found in the people here defined me. Learning is the application of myself to be something greater- I hope to go on to become an actress and medical philanthropist in personalised medicine.”


Student Level 3 Extended Diploma successes


Tia-Marie being congratulated by her teacher Mrs Bucknall


  • Course and grades: UAL Art & Design Extended Diploma Level 4 Distinction

Tia-Marie’s work was of such a high standard that the examiner decided she should be awarded a Level 4 distinction- a grade that would usually be achieved during the first year of university.

  • Going to: London College of Fashion to study Fashion Design and Development

“I feel overwhelmed and proud that my hard work has paid off! SFX gave me so much creative freedom which allowed me to succeed.”




  • Course and grades: UAL Art & Design Extended Diploma Level 4 Distinction
  • Going to: Ravensbourne University to study Graphic Design

“The teachers were so supportive. This course has meant I have learnt and gained the knowledge relevant for my chosen career path- I want to be a graphic designer.”




  • Course and grades: BTEC Level 3 Business D* D* D*
  • Going to: Birmingham City University to study Human Resource Management

“When I opened the envelope and saw my results I felt really happy with myself to know I accomplished what I wanted. The teachers made a difference by making learning fun here; I loved participating in all the class activities.




  • Course and grades: BTEC Level 3 Applied Science D D D
  • Going to: Portsmouth University to study Operating Department Practice BSc

“I feel so amazed by my grades, I am so happy that my hard work paid off. I loved coming to this college, the teachers have been so respectful and dedicated.”




  • Course and grades: BTEC Level 3 Health & Social Care D M M
  • Going to: Goldsmiths University of London to study Social Work

“I feel extremely excited about the prospects available to me as a result of passing this course.  I really enjoyed the mixture of theoretical and practical learning as well as the volunteering opportunities. SFX is such a beautiful college with a variety of enrichment activities.”


SFX Principal Stella Flannery commented:

“In line with all sixth form centres, there has been some nervousness in our anticipation of this year’s A level examination outcomes, as 13 of the A level courses have been reformed to linear examinations for the first time. This has meant that students have all the weight of revision and exam performance pressure at the end of 2 years having had very little by way of sample papers to help them prepare. We are therefore duly proud to report that we have maintained our very good pass rate.

We are immensely pleased with the outcomes of our students this year: they and their teachers have worked hard to achieve these sterling standards. Advanced qualifications now require a great deal of self-directed enquiry and this can only be successfully achieved by in depth knowledge and practice. Students and staff have dealt well with the tougher demands which have been placed upon them and I would also like to thank the parents and guardians of our students who have supported them unwaveringly.

At SFX our commitment is to prepare leaders who have resilience and vision as well as a portfolio of great results and we are seeing some great leaders of the future progressing to higher education this year.”

S Flannery