Equality and Diversity

A Catholic College for everyone

Our Christian mission demands that we recognise the dignity and equality of every individual. SFX actively promotes inclusion and embraces all the legal and moral requirements of our Equality Duty. We are proud of our diversity and support one another in resisting and challenging prejudice and discrimination. The College has worked closely with the National Centre for Diversity to achieve the ‘Investors in Diversity’ Award. As such there is an Equality and Diversity group comprising staff and students promoting the aims and objectives inherent in our mission. Each of our subject areas is required to identify how they contribute to our equality and diversity objectives in their lessons and every opportunity is taken to ensure that equality and diversity themes are included in our comprehensive tutorial programme and faculty gatherings.

Targets for monitoring, 2016 – 17:

  1. To ensure higher needs and ALS students achieve as well as their peers
  2. To ensure Looked After Children (LAC) perform as well as their peers
  3. To monitor the performance of all students receiving free college meals (FCM) and college bursary
  4. To continue to improve students’ and staff understanding of the causes and prevention of mental health issues among the whole college community.

Staff Equality Monitoring 2016-17

E&D Statement