Course type: A Level • Awarding/exam body: Edexcel

Course Units

Theme 1: Changes in contemporary society
• Changes in family structure
• The world of work
Research Topic
The Importance of Education After Secondary Education in Portugal

Theme 2: Political and Artistic culture in Portuguese-speaking countries
• The media
• Music
Research Topic
‘Lusofonia’ in the world today

Theme 3: Migratory movements
• Immigration and the Portuguese multicultural society
•Emigration of Portugal in the 21st century
Research Topic
Migratory movement in Portugal

Theme 4: How History shaped Politics
• The dictatorship of Salazar
• From dictatorship to democracy
Research Topic
The Discoveries: Vasco da Gama’s trip to India

Course Assessment

You will have three exam papers:

Paper 1: Translation into English, reading comprehension and writing (research question) in Portuguese 40%

Paper 2: Translation into Portuguese and written response to works (one book and one film) 30%

Paper 3: Listening, reading and writing in Portuguese 30%

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Portuguese *(Native speakers to be interviewed by Head of MFL if they do not have a GCSE qualification in Portuguese).