VESPA Stars – Autumn 2017

  • Published: 15th December 2017

In September ‘VESPA’ was introduced across the college to encourage a Growth Mindset using the five VESPA principles:

  • Having a vision
  • Commitment to the effort needed
  • Having suitable systems in place
  • Practising your learning & skills
  • Developing a positive mental attitude

These principles and techniques are reinforced during the weekly college tutorials and across subject areas. VESPA rewards were also brought in to acknowledge the successes of students in the five VESPA value areas: Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude.

‘Praise’ postcards have been sent home by teachers and support staff throughout the Autumn term to mark progress and achievement in one or more of the VESPA value areas.

Alongside the VESPA postcards, Heads of Houses and Heads of Departments have been awarding end-of-term VESPA house certificates to students who have made progress, shown perseverance in learning or acquiring new skills, put extra effort into their studies, shown good organisation and systems or have outstanding attendance. Some students who have been outstanding across all areas have also received a £25 gift voucher.


Imani, who received a certificate and prize from her Head of House Ms Hickland said “having VESPA included in my mind-set has made me think ahead in life on how different systems, practises and positive attitudes can have an effect on my ability to flourish. Winning the VESPA award was a pleasure as my hard work and determination has been noticed by my teachers.”

Heads of Faculties and Heads of Houses will soon nominate students for the termly Principal’s Award.  All nominees meet with the Principal Mrs Flannery with one deserving student being given the Principal’s Award Student of the Term award