Tinie Tempah – SFX is the best College!

  • Published: 20th June 2017


Tinie Tempah, former SFX student and award winning rapper came back to visit us this week.

Tinie, an English rapper, singer and songwriter, born in London to Nigerian parents, studied Media, Religious Studies and Psychology A levels at SFX back in 2007. He’s bagged seven number one hits, along with his own record and fashion label; Disturbing London with his friend and Manager, Dumi Oburota who is also a former SFX student!


His visit was filmed by ITV for a documentary which is being produced by a current SFX student Jeremiah, who received a New Year Honour for his campaigning and volunteering work. He opened the new Music Recording Studio (picture to right) and also gave a surprise presentation to our Performing Arts students who were very shocked to say the least when he walked into the room. Here is what he had to say:

What’s your opinion on education?
I didn’t go to university but I wish I had, I still may! But you students should think really seriously about going.

What did you think about studying at SFX?
I don’t regret it at all – it was the best College and still is. I really enjoyed being here although people didn’t like my music when I was here!

What advice do you have for setting up as a producer?
Bug people on Twitter! I’ve had people who message me again and again and again and again…and finally I’ll give in. Or do something different, a quirky photo or video. Also use YouTube – stars are born on there.

How do you get that winning song?
You have to produce and produce and produce like mad. You can’t do it through just one song. Start with producing one track, then go up to four then ten. I made 100 tracks for my recent album in order to have quality music. It’s like training for a marathon – you don’t just do it you have to train and start off on short runs and then build up.


Which song was when you thought ‘I’ve  made it’?
‘Wifey’. And that was when I was 16. I remember coming into college and thinking yeah I’m there, I’m known. And people didn’t like that song!

How can you get famous?
You’ve got to be different, stand out. People can get famous for ridiculous things – recently a girl rapper – I won’t say her name – she did a poo on Instagram and then people knew who she was. Depends on how you want to be seen!

What advice can you give to be more confident?
Confidence happens in stages. It comes from experience in the real world. Life helps you to build confidence. Everyone is nervous. I used to walk in a room and think why are people looking at me like that – it took me a while to realise that they were nervous too.