Spring half-term Principal’s Award

  • Published: 10th February 2017

Just before each half term or end of term break, college Principal Stella Flannery announces the names of students who have received a Principal’s Achievement Award in recognition of their successes over the previous half term. Mrs Flannery said of the award: “As a Principal I spend quite a lot of time monitoring and chasing underperformance across the student body. I am very aware that I focus at those times on areas for improvement and I am always conscious of neglecting those students who are excelling in effort or achievement. Consequently, I have established a Principal’s Award system.  It is one of the best parts of my job and I just wish I had more in my “pot” at the end of the rainbow to recognise more students!”  At other points throughout the year awards are given to students who have had excellent attendance and punctuality throughout a term, or who have achieved something extraordinary either within the college or externally.

This half term there were ten students who received at least three positive comments (and no negative comments) from members of staff on their personal dashboard since the beginning of spring term, and therefore received the Principal’s award; congratulations to Khadijah, Florence, Ashani, Rashauna, Jesse, Mahla, Tyrese, Tatiana, Gabriella and Jubril.

The praise included representing the college or their subject at the February Open Day Fair; outstanding work; 100% attendance; consistently meeting deadlines; presenting to their class; being highly organised; persistent hard work; presenting great arguments in a class debate and offering great contributions on a class trip. Each student received a £10 high street voucher as a special thank you.