SFX walks to end Human Trafficking & Human Slavery

  • Published: 28th April 2017

In January Non-Profit Organisation A21 visited the SFX Charity Committee to talk about their goal: to abolish human trafficking and slavery.  Emma and Mikey from A21 spoke to the Charity Committee about the situation of human trafficking and modern day slavery in the world today; there are between 27-45 million people trapped in slavery today – more than any other period in history – affecting every country in the world.  An estimated 13,000 people in UK are working as slaves,  either trapped in domestic servitude, forced labour or sex trafficking.  Mikey later returned to the college and spent a week talking to all students in their weekly Religion and Philosophy lessons on the topic.

talk 2

Mikey from A21 presenting to students as part of their Religion & Philosophy lesson

The organisation holds a yearly, world-wide event- the Walk for Freedom. They say it is “ultimately designed to turn awareness into action”, this year the walk will be taking place on 14th October.  Individuals involved walk in single file, all dressed in black, with tape across their mouths. In 2016 over 300 walks were held in 40 countries around the world.

Inspired by the talk, SFX students – led by the Charity Committee – decided to host their own “Walk for Freedom” and on Wednesday 29th March 2017 walked from the College in Clapham South to Stockwell tube station and back (4 miles in total), walking in silence and single file dressed all in black.  The students had leaflets to hand out to members of the public who wanted to find out more information about what they were doing, and pinned the shocking facts on human trafficking and slavery onto their tops.  Karla, who is a member of the Charity Committee, felt they had raised awareness; “It raised so much attention to the facts that we had on the posters and made people realise the truth in what is actually happening in society today”, Yacinne added “there was an unspoken impact made by all of us in unity.”

Students and staff walking by Clapham Common

Members of the public showed their support along the way by clapping and cheering with cars beeping their horns as they passed.  A couple of passers-by made a point to say they were unaware of the facts they had read across the students’ tops before that afternoon. Elimeda, who took part in the walk said “The outstanding amount of encouragement that came from our surroundings made me feel empowered and want to strive for more”.freedom walk 6

To find out more information visit the A21 website.