SFX Politics students meet London Mayor Sadiq Khan

  • Published: 26th January 2017

On Wednesday 18th January, SFX Politics students attended the first Mayor’s Question Time of the new year, having been invited to City Hall for the experience, by Member for Wandsworth and Merton, Leonie Cooper.

The London Mayor discussed topics such as the unhealthy levels of air pollution in London and the prospect of introducing a new ‘T-charge’ for cars with high emissions; he was also asked about whether TFL should take over Southern Rail and what could be done about the train strikes.

Politic students with sadiq

Politics students with Leonie Cooper & Sadiq Khan

Following Question Time, students met Sadiq Khan- right before he flew to Davos to meet world economics leaders!

You can watch the full 2 hour 49 minute live broadcast here.