Meet the new Student President and Student Vice President

  • Published: 16th November 2017

In September second year students had the opportunity to stand in the Student President and Vice President elections for the academic year ahead.  As part of the election each candidate had to write a manifesto in a bid to encourage their fellow students to vote for them. The elections took place across two days in the college foyer with almost all SFX students voting.

The students chose Kevin as their new Student President and Emmanuel as the new Student Vice President.

Kevin & Emmanuel


What made you want to apply for the role of President/ Vice President?

K– The role of president required someone who is passionate & dedicated. A person who could use their influence to captivate the minds of students and use it in unison to make sure that a sufficient amount of change is implemented. I believe that through my college journey and experience I acquire these characteristics. Furthermore, I wanted to paint a different picture and show people a different side to me.

E– I felt like I wanted to be involved in some key decisions that would benefit the college. I believed that being vice president would allow me to develop skills such as organisation and communications.


How did you feel when you were told you had been elected by your peers?

K– I felt humbled to know that people have trust in me to deliver results. The voting turnout was massive so I’m glad to know that the majority are behind me. Again a massive thank you to all that voted and showed support.

E– To be honest, I was really gobsmacked. I never thought I would get enough votes from students but this has given me confidence boost to try and encourage positive changes within the school.


What is involved in being the student president/ vice president?

K– Being student president involves you planning and co-coordinating union meetings, engaging in meetings with governors to act as a platform between students and staff, working together with union members to plan events and more importantly daily discussion with students about queries they have.

E– As vice president, I am presenting the students voice and have to approach teachers, organise meetings with the president himself and the student union team, raise issues and come up with solutions.


What were the main points on your manifesto and why?

 K– The main points within my manifesto were to tackle the difficulties we have in terms of social events and integration.  Another point included in my manifesto is to inspire students and make them aware of various career paths and choices they can take after college. This will act as a support tool for students who are unsure of what they want to do after college


What impact are you hoping to make throughout the year ahead?

K– I am to make a substantial amount of change throughout the year. My bottom up approach will allow me to do things constructively and effectively. I want to leave behind a legacy and the only way this will be achieved is by making sure I am proactive and making sure things are done

E– I’m hoping that this year, students will remember myself and the President for the positive influence we hope to make. The events we hope to organise such as Prom should create a buzzing and exciting atmosphere for students.


Are you involved in any other student enrichment or extracurricular activities ?

E – I am part of the Schools charity committee. Last year we organised mini projects schemes to raise money for our cause; ‘raising awareness for dementia’. We took over a charity shop over Christmas and sang carols. It was fair to say it was a huge success and I hope there can be many more of these events this year.


What message would you like to pass to your fellow students?

K– I would like to thank the students for their patience and support. I would like to tell students that this year I aim to tackle any problems you face, I aim to make your college experience as enjoyable and relevant as possible and to give many of you another reason to come to college. For some this is the start of a new journey and for others we are approaching the end of our college lives, I say to you keep your head up, work hard and at the end success awaits you

E– I’d like to let students know that, as vice president I am simply here to represent the students voice and I am open to any suggestions and improvements they have. I am eager to help make SFX and more positive and harmonious environment.

Any students that are interested in joining the Student Union alongside Kevin and Emmanuel should see Kevin, Emmanuel or Ms Shortland in the language corridor.