EPQ AS level – excellent preparation for university

  • Published: 2nd February 2018

What is the EPQ (Extended project Qualification)?

The EPQ is offered to students as a Level 3 stand-alone course which would be taken in addition to a 3 A level or BTEC programme. It may be carried out individually or as a group and can be practical or essay based. The course provides students with the opportunity to select a topic that they are particularly interested in and conduct both primary and secondary research. EPQ will develop and improve students’ own learning and performance as a critical, reflective and independent learner. The course also helps develop skills such as planning, research, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

What does it offer students?

The chance to improve your research and independent learning skills learning all about a topic of your choice. You can investigate absolutely anything. This year projects include: the psychological impact of the financial crash; is gender disappearing; is belief in the Big Bang compatible with Islamic faith; why BME people are underrepresented in the legal profession.

What are the benefits to students?

You will learn how to use a wide range of research sources, such as academic journals, podcasts and post-graduate theses. They also develop their ability to use tools to effectively manage their own projects. These skills help greatly with their other A level subjects and are also an excellent preparation for university study. This is backed up by universities themselves:

  • University of Southampton: ‘Students could use their project at interview stage <https://university.which.co.uk/advice/ucas-application/university-interviews-how-to-prepare> and/or in their UCAS personal statement. Certain courses at the University will count ‘A’ grades achieved in the extended project towards their entry criteria.’
  • University of Manchester: ‘The skills that students develop through the Extended Project are excellent preparation for university-level study.’
  • University of Liverpool: ‘We encourage candidates to draw upon their experience of undertaking the project when writing their personal statement.’
  • University of York’s Admissions Administrator for English, Sheila Cosgrove, put this into sharper focus when she     gave us her opinion on it: ‘The EPQ is a definite strength in an application. It can create the heartland of a personal statement and give it depth and substance.’ (source: https://university.which.co.uk/advice/personal-statements/epq-extended-project-qualification-personal-statement-top-tips)

Mr Spindler the EPQ Coordinator said;

“Being an EPQ supervisor is one of the favourite parts of my job. I love talking to students about subjects they are so passionate about, and they teach me so much! Already this year I have learned what vaporwave is and how social media is impacting colourism within the black community.”