Chemistry Department 2016/17 Year Highlights

  • Published: 3rd August 2017

Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad Exam 2017

The Royal Society of Chemistry UK Chemistry Olympiad is an extremely challenging competition open to all schools in the UK. Participants have to take a two hour written exam challenging their chemical knowledge.

One Year 12 and eight Year 13 Chemistry students took part in the highly prestigious Olympiad this year, making the most of the great opportunity to showcase their talents & problem solving skills, as well as putting an impressive addition on their UCAS application.

Well done to Kaoutar, Mahmoud, Adiva, Daniel, Alex, Grace, Awien, Rahat and Akhere for their hard work and effort, as well as their time in preparing for and taking this exam.

Students with their certificates following the presentation Principal Stella Flannery

Students with their certificates following the presentation with Principal Stella Flannery


Royal Society of Chemistry Analyst Competition 2017

The Schools’ Analyst Competition is a competition run by the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Analytical Division for first year sixth form students studying AS level Chemistry.

SFX sent three students to take part in the South East Regional round held at Kingston University. David, Komal and Sandra worked as part of a team representing the college and tackled three challenges during the day in the university’s newly refurbished laboratory. The students worked through the challenging tasks methodically and showing excellent manual dexterity. During the four hour practical session they demonstrated techniques which they were familiar with such as titration, as well as some skills which have not yet been covered in the course. The students were lucky enough to get to experience the latest high-tech equipment including Gas Chromatography and Colorimetry.



Subject Insight Day to Kingston University

On 15th June Year 12 Chemists attended a Subject Insight Day at Kingston University. During the day students experienced life as undergraduate as they completed a 2 hour laboratory session making paracetemol in the newly kitted out university labs. Students also sat through three presentations by university lectures and an undergraduate student discussing their cutting edge research on innovative ways of detecting MRSA in hospitals and new methods of growing and monitoring the progress of embryos from chicken eggs.


Microchemistry comes to SFX

A new, quicker and safer method of carrying out Chemistry practical was introduced to lessons in June. Microchemistry (sometimes referred to as small scale chemistry) is a technique whereby experiments can be carried out using significantly smaller quantities of chemicals than traditionally used. The equipment was purchased using a grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry and will be used alongside the traditional techniques in class to enable students to have quick and safe access to more experiments. This specialist technique is not available in many schools/college and is increasingly being used in research and industry. Our students had their first taste of this technique when they carried out a microdistillation in under 20 minutes (using traditional equipment this can take up to 1 hour to complete) and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.