Health & Social Care students host Health Awareness fair

  • Published: 27th March 2017

Earlier this month second year Health & Social Care students hosted an event to promote and raise awareness of a variety of health-related topics; from young people’s mental health to the importance of a healthy diet.

As part of the “promoting health” unit of the Health and Social Care BTEC Level 3 course, students had to research and develop promotional material around a topic of their choosing. The students decided to take it a step further by hosting a Health Awareness Fair, inviting all SFX students and staff to drop in to find out more information on the topics and take part in the activities and games put on by the variety of stalls.

SAM_1117Anxiety- Leverlyne & Hendrix- “Mental health is a big issue among young people. Students have exams, essays, deadlines – all thing that can cause anxiety… It’s okay to seek help, there are a lot of organisations willing to help young people. Small problems can turn into bigger anxieties, it’s better to identify and resolve the problem now!”




Healthy Lifestyle– Binta & Cheyanne- “Not many people our age live a healthy lifestyle, the obesity rates in young people have increased. We were shocked about some of the calories and fat in things we eat all the time and wanted to make sure other people knew.”





Hodgkin’s Lymphoma– Jamey, Jamela & Hawah- “We wanted to raise awareness of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma because it’s something that no one really knows about even though it’s a common cancer in teenagers.”






Alcohol– Ramatu, Sashann & Ashlie- “We wanted to warn people about drinking alcohol, as we know people can drink excessively in our age group. Students today have been surprised about how many drinks the weekly unit recommendation is equal to and how high the percentage of alcohol is in certain drinks.”


SAM_1128Child Sexual Exploitation– Leah & Mariama- “A visitor came in to talk to us about child sexual exploitation and we had a talk from the non-profit organisation A21 in our religion and philosophy lesson and both made us want to make more people aware of the issue. Sometimes girls might not even realise it’s happening, especially in a relationship between an older man and younger girl.”





Contraception– Tatiana, Lydiane, Mary, Shenade & Monisha- “We’re at the age where people might be having sex and we wanted to give them the facts so that they can stay protected, we also wanted to teach people the truths behind some of the myths to do with sex and contraception.”




Domestic Abuse– Tayyaabah, Tayyaba, Shamaila & Niat- “We think there are a lot of individuals who know someone who has been a victim of domestic abuse or who has been involved themselves. We were surprised that there are lots of cases where the male in the relationship is the victim – men find it harder to seek help because they think they might not be taken seriously.”






Sexual Health– Esther & Ariane- “We wanted to advise young people and promote safe sex before it’s too late”






Cannabis– Adiatu, Deborah & Ariel- “We found out that 1 in 6 teenagers in the UK become dependent on cannabis so we wanted to make people aware of the effects. We were quite surprised to find out some cancer patients use cannabis as medication and that certain MPs are trying to legalise it.”




Towards the end of the day, awards were given by members of staff in categories such as “Best Visual Presentation”, “Best Overall Campaign”, “Most Engaging Group”, “Most Knowledgeable Group” and “Best Written Information”.