Enrolment 2018


We have some spaces remaining on the majority of our courses. To enquire about which courses you are eligible for, please call 020 8772 6072/020 8772 6000 or email admissions@sfx.ac.uk. Lessons have now begun, so we would encourage you to apply or come and see us as soon as possible.


If you are hoping to enrol but have not yet applied, please apply online as soon as possible at www.sfx.ac.uk/apply or drop in and visit our application zone during the enrolment hours listed below.

Once your application has been submitted we will see you for a brief interview during enrolment and – if successful – send you straight through to enrol. We therefore ask you to bring the documents listed below when you visit us to make an application/ attend an interview (excluding the enrolment appointment letter).


  • Thursday 13th September 9.30am-1pm
  • Friday 14th September 9.30am-1pm
  • Monday 17th September 9.30am-1pm

We strongly advise you to come along at your earliest convenience during the above hours as courses are filling up and lessons have begun.


  • Your GCSE results (original copy)
  • Your passport/ birth certificate/ residency documents
  • A £50 ICT package fee
  • A school reference/ 2018 school report




What happens if my GCSE results don’t meet the entry requirements for my chosen course(s)?

Students with results close to the entry requirements will still be considered for the course. We will look at your overall results to make our final decision.

It is important to still attend your enrolment appointment to see what we can offer you. We will do our best to accommodate everyone who has received a conditional offer, even if they have not met the entry requirements for their  chosen course.

Do I need to attend enrolment with my parent/guardian?

Your parent/guardian is very welcome to attend, but it will not be a problem if they cannot attend.

What do I need to bring with me to enrolment?

You will need to bring along your GCSE results, proof of identification, the £50 ICT fee and a school reference or 2018 school report.

Can I take four A levels?

Students with exceptional GCSE results will be offered the opportunity to take 4 A levels. In this situation we often recommend considering the Extended Project      Qualification (EPQ), which is equal to half an A level. It is a course-work based      project on a topic of your choosing that you complete during the first year and is highly valued by universities.

Students qualifying for four A levels may also be considering applying to            Oxbridge or Russell Group universities. They will be supported in their application through additional lessons focused on the university application process, which includes hearing from special Oxbridge/ Russell Group university speakers and preparation for university interviews.

I am fluent in a different language. Can I take this as a fourth A level?

Students fluent in French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese may be able to take the    subject as a fourth A level or on top of their BTEC/UAL course. You will need to      attend timetabled lessons for the language. Students who do not have a GCSE qualification in the language will need to first be assessed by the teacher.

Students who are fluent in a language not offered among our A level subjects are welcome to apply to be entered for the A level exam.

Is there a dress code at SFX?

Although we do not have a specific dress code, we expect students to dress        appropriately for the learning environment. Anyone deemed inappropriately dressed will be asked to go home and change. Students must wear their student ID card on full display around their neck whenever they are on site.

Can I change my mind about what course I’ve applied for?

You finalise your decision on which courses you would like to take at enrolment.  This can be completely different to what you put down on your application form if you have since changed your mind.

During the enrolment process, you will meet with a course counsellor who will talk with you about which courses would be best for you based on your GCSE results, interests and your future career plans.


When will I have my timetable?

You will receive a provisional timetable at induction on 6th September, but there is a chance it will be updated over the first couple of weeks of term.  We       therefore suggest anyone considering taking on a part-time job wait until they have been   given their finalised timetable before confirming their availability—your studies should take priority over work.

We try to plan our timetables so that if you have any free lessons they will be at the beginning or end of the day. You do not need to be in when you have a free lesson, but we recommend going to the Library (LRC) to study.

When can I apply to receive a bursary?

16-19 bursary application forms will be available at the induction day after       enrolment.  Those who qualify will need to have a personal bank account for the bursary to be paid into. The bursary will be dependant on attendance.

Visit www.gov.uk/1619-bursary-fund to see If you are eligible to receive a bursary.