A level Statistics

  • Course type: A level
  • Awarding/exam body: Edexcel


Statistics is a great A level for students who want to continue with their Maths beyond GCSE, but who want a subject that is not too abstract and that can support their other subjects well. You would do it instead of A level Maths.

  • Course description...

    You will build on the Statistics that you did in GCSE; probability, correlation and averages; but in a more formal way. Other topics will include: probability distributions and how they can be applied to real-life data hypothesis testing – come up with a theory and test it out goodness of fit tests – how well does real life data fit into a mathematical model? You would also spend time working with a large data set.

  • Course assessment...

    Assessment is 100% examination based.
    There will be three exams.

  • This course can lead to...

    This qualification will help students to develop the skills of statistical enquiry, and practise the underpinning statistical calculations and interpretation using realworld data and authentic contexts. Our approach supports skills development for progression to a range of other subjects and develops an awareness of statistics beyond the classroom. This is a good A level for students considering degrees in Psychology, Geography, Economics, Biology and others.

  • Course highlights....

    Take trips to popular Maths lectures at the Royal Statistical Society and other places.

  • Course requirements....

    Please see our Programme Entry Requirements.

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