A level Religious Studies

  • Course type: A level
  • Awarding/exam body: OCR


Religious Studies covers some of life’s most fundamental questions: Does God exist? If God is ‘loving and powerful’ then why does S/He allow suffering? What are the sources of authority in Religion? How do developments in society impact on religion? How should I live? How should we live as a society? How can we ensure good ethical practice alongside new advances in medical developments?

You will examine these kinds of issues in a critical and analytical way, regardless of whether you are a person of religious faith or not.

  • Course units...

    There are 3 exam units. Each unit is equally interesting, exciting and challenging.

    Unit 01: Philosophy of Religion

    Unit 02: Religion and Ethics

    Unit 03: Developments in Christian Religious Thought

  • Course assessment...

    Assessment is 100% examination based. There will be three exams at the end of the course.

  • This course can lead to...

    Colleges, universities and employers place great value on Religious Studies because it helps develop analytical skills, the ability to develop and structure an argument, textual analysis and it fosters independent thinking. This subject is useful if you want to go on to study a degree in Religious Studies, Theology, Philosophy, or Law, Health and Social care etc.

    This course also supports those who study the sciences, particularly those who wish to follow a career in Medicine. This course is available to people of any religious belief, or none.

  • Entry requirements...

    In addition to our Programme Entry Requirements, applicants must also meet specific Course Entry Requirements:

    Grade 4 in English Language

  • Course highlights...

    1. Visits to Roehampton University and Cardiff University to meet lecturers from the Theology and Religious Studies departments.
    2.  Trip to the National Art Gallery to examine themes of morality and heaven and hell.
    3. A trip to Rome in 2017/18!
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