A level English Language

  • Course type: A level
  • Awarding/exam body: OCR


englang1You will learn about the structures and functions of the English language as it is used on a day to day basis. You will learn how to analyse a wide range of language data, including media and other non-literary texts and spoken language. The course will explore the ways in which children acquire and develop language, how language varies according to social context and the features and causes of language change over time.

  • Course units...

    Unit 1: Exploring Language

    Unit 2: Dimensions of Linguistic Variation

    Unit 3: Independent Language Research

  • Course assessment...

    The A level will be assessed in two examinations and a coursework folder of investigative and analytical work.

  • This course can lead to...

    Most of the wide range of English courses available in higher education and to careers in Journalism, Law, Publishing, the Civil Service, Politics and Teaching.

  • Entry requirements...

    In addition to our Programme Entry Requirements, applicants must also meet specific Course Entry Requirements:

    Grade 5 in English Language and Grade 5 English Literature

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