1. A level English Language & Literature


    On this course you will read and analyse literary, non-literary and spoken language texts and learn to produce writing of […]

  2. A level English Literature

    You will learn to analyse, compare and understand a wide variety of literary texts of all genres: poetry, drama and […]

  3. A level French

    The topics studied in year one of the course include: a range of social issues and trends such as the […]

  4. A level Geography

    Geography is exciting and relevant and is the subject for our times. In 2015 it was referred to by The […]

  5. A level History

    You will read, research independently, question, discuss and argue in small groups in class reacting intelligently and critically. You will […]

  6. A level Italian


    A level Italian has been developed to inspire students who have an appreciation of the language, literature, film and culture […]

  7. A level Mathematics


    Maths is a highly respected A level that goes well with Science, Economics and Computing, but is also good for […]

  8. A level Mathematics (Further)

    If you choose Further Maths you will be studying for two A levels in maths as this would be studied […]

  9. A level Media Studies

      This course is designed for students who have a strong interest in the study of the media forms, such […]

  10. A level Physics

    Physics is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. A strong aptitude for […]