Success story - Tinie Tempah – from SFX to award winning rapper

  • Name: Tinie Tempah
  • Course: A level Media Studies
  • Graduation year: 2007
  • :
  • What did you think about studying at SFX?

    I don’t regret it at all – it was the best College and still is. I really enjoyed being here although people didn’t like my music when I was here!

  • What’s your opinion on education?

    I didn’t go to university but I wish I had, I still may! But you students should think really seriously about going

  • What advice do you have for setting up as a producer?

    Bug people on Twitter! I’ve had people who message me again and again and again and again…and finally I’ll give in. Or do something different, a quirky photo or video. Also use YouTube – stars are born on there.

  • How can you get famous?

    You’ve got to be different, stand out. People can get famous for ridiculous things – recently a girl rapper – I won’t say her name – she did a poo on Instagram and then people knew who she was. Depends on how you want to be seen!

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