Success story - Emmanuella – A level Chemistry and A level Maths

  • Name: Emmanuella
  • Course: A level Mathematics
  • Graduation year: 2016
  • Grades: Biology (B) Chemistry (D) Italian (A) Maths (B)
  • What is your ambition in life?

    My ambition in life is to get into medicine and become a gynaecologist, be successful and happy.

  • What do you like about studying Maths?

    I like Chemistry because i have the chance to understand the science behind reactions. I like studying Maths because calculations and equations provide a solid foundation to many aspect of a daily life.

  • What do you like about studying at SFX?

    I like studying at SFX because when I need help the teachers are always there to support me.

  • What song are you listening to at the moment?

    At the moment I really like ''Where are you now'' by Skrillex and ''Earned it'' by The Weeknd.

  • What is your favourite app?

    My favourite app is Whatsapp.

  • What is your favourite TV show?

    I like ''Keeping up with the Kardashians''

  • Where do you shop?

    I usually shop at H&M, New Look, River Island or Topshop.

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