Success story - Leomie – from SFX to International Model

  • Name: Leomie Anderson
  • Course: A level Media Studies
  • Graduation year: 2011
  • Former school: Ricards Lodge
  • What courses did you study and your grades?

    Sociology (A), Media (A), English literature (B)

  • What did you enjoy about your course(s) at SFX?

    I loved media the most as it gave me skills that I can fully utilise in my day to day life as a model and influencer. I've used my editing skills countless time for my YouTube channel.

  • Why did you choose SFX?

    I liked the great facilities and that there was such diversity between students.

  • Did you take part in any extracurricular activities at SFX?

    I was part of the school council and helped plan events at the school.

  • What is your advice to Year 11 students?

    Don’t get distracted by other students – focus on you as you’re the most important thing.

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