Success story - Czarina – from SFX to University of Brighton

  • Name: Czarina
  • Course: University of the Arts London (UAL) Level 3 Ext Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology- Moving Image Pathway
  • Graduation year: 2017
  • University of study: Graphic Design for Digital Media - BA (Hons)
  • Former school

    Lister Community School

  • What did you enjoy most about your course at SFX?

    In the first year I was able to analyse films, conduct research, pre-production documents and an audio visual short film that I wrote. For the second year, my skills developed more through extensive research and I was able to create an advert. My main enjoyment came from doing the final units of each year.

  • Why would you recommend the course to others?

    Not only do you learn how to film an audio visual project, you also develop skills on Photoshop. As well as this, you can find where your interests lies, I came into doing Media wanting to become a scriptwriter, but I now I know that graphic design is my passion.

  • Why did you choose SFX?

    I chose SFX because I was told that the college gets really high results and I wanted to travel away from East London where I live. I got a real sense of independence coming into this college.

  • What have you liked about SFX?

    I liked how I have met different people of different interests and I am able to connect with more people and make friends who are interested in similar things to me. As well as this, the teacher has been really helpful for the three years being in this college and have been very encouraging when it comes to work.

  • Did you take part in any extracurricular activities at SFX?

    Yes, I have been a part of the CAFOD Run in 2015, the CAFOD walk in 2016 and the Badminton Club in 2016.

  • What are your plans for your future career?

    I want to work in the advertisement agencies as a Graphic Designer.

  • What is your advice to Year 11 students?

    If you want to enrol on the UAL Media course, you should have a passion for media and creativity and also a lot of determination.

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